HOME: the Book

HOME: the Book, coming soon

Strictly speaking, I hope that HOME: the Book will be coming soon. I would love to be able to release all my Scottish Stadium Prints as a hardback, glossy, coffee table style book. Please see below for a sneak peak of how that book might look:

You can also download e-sample copy by clicking here ==>Sample-draft-4 it’s a pdf file so you should be able to view it on all current devices.

Home: the Book

HOME will contain all 42 senior club grounds in Scotland, along with some bonus stadium print designs I’m particularly fond of (I’m looking at you Netherdale). Each print will be accompanied by some of the reasons I chose that particular part of the ground to focus on, and some of the advice and recommendations I received from fans of each club.

A work-in-progress sample of the book can be downloaded from here ==>Sample-draft-4

Home: the Book – how can I help?

Good question. First up, you’ll need to bear with me. This whole process takes time and, here comes the hard part, money! That’s why I’m being forced to ask for donations to help bring this book to life.

The best way to help me continue with this project and to contribute towards my goal of getting HOME published is to buy a product (please visit the SHOP to see everything). But, if you don’t really want a print, t-shirt or mug, but you would still like to help you can ‘buy me a coffee‘.

HOME: the hardback book

Thank you all so much for your support so far. Your tweets, words of encouragement, words of advice, suggestions of new grounds to cover, absolutely every time you comment on a design of mine it truly is humbling.

Thank you so much and hopefully, with your help, I’ll have a book published.


(p.s. I’ll endeavour to keep this page updated with any news regarding HOME whenever possible. Please follow us on Twitter @Fitba_stadiums in order to be kept as up-to-date as possible)