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How to write a T-Shirt blog post

I don’t have a clue how to write a t-shirt blog post. Not a clue. So, sorry about the misleading headline.

Palmerston Park, Dumfries

Is this a t-shirt blog post or not?

It will be. Indulge me a second. I make football prints of football stadiums. It started off as Scottish stadiums but i quickly had to branch out beyond the border and venture to pastures new. A lot of these designs will only appeal to fans of the depicted club, but some of them, I hope, have a broader appeal and deserve to be seen by a non-football audience.

Finally onto the t-shirt part. All my designs are available on t-shirts but i want to try and showcase some of my favourites. The ones I think could appeal to people outside of the footballing community. To try and reach people that like cool t-shirts, no matter what is on the front. People who want something a little bit different.

Enough with the text, get onto the t-shirts

Ok, here goes. First up you’d think it’s be one of Scotland’s big clubs? Maybe Celtic. Perhaps Aberdeen or Dundee United. No. We are going for Netherdale in Galashiels.

Netherdale, Galashiels

Netherdale - Gala Fairydean Rovers
Netherdale, Galashiels

A sensational example of Brutalism design, and probably my favourite stand in all of Scottish football. This stand splits opinion in Galashiels. Hell, it splits opinion across all walks of life in Scotland. I know what side of the argument I fall down on. Love it.

Easter Road, Leith

Easter Road - Hibs
Easter Road, Leith

Showing a portion of the south stand, the Salisbury Crags, and the famous Sunshine on Leith. I love how this one gives off a 70/80’s retro vibe. Like an old holiday advert from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Palmerston Park, Dumfries

Palmerston Park - Queen of the South
Palmerston Park, Dumfries

I bet you never imagined that a set of floodlights could look so good on a t-shirt. These are no ordinary floodlights. These are the highest freestanding floodlights in all of Scottish football. Queen of the South are also celebrating their centenary in 2019. Congratulations on reaching 100.

Cardiff City Stadium, Cardiff

Cardiff City Stadium - Cardiff City
Cardiff City Stadium, Cardiff

Let’s have a treat from outside Scotland this time and head to Cardiff. If this design didn’t have any writing along with it I doubt anyone other than Cardiff fans would have guessed it was of a stadium.

La Bombonera, Buenos Aires

La Bombonera - Boca Juniors - t-shirt blog
La Bombonera, Buenos Aires

For our final t-shirt we have gone truly international and headed to Buenos Aires. The home of the world famous Boca Juniors, La Bombonera. My absolute favourite city in the world. Such an incredible place.

There we go, our t-shirt blog post is now complete. A small selection of some of our favourites so far.

We are a one man operation here at Scottish Football Stadium Prints and to help me keep going I ask only one thing, and that is if you do like what I do please share at least one thing of ours. Sharing is caring and since I’ve no advertising budget whatsoever the only way I can reach others is by word of mouth.

Please SHARE, TWEET, LIKE, LOVE, and TALK about us. Anything at all. All help is greatly appreciated.

Follow us on Twitter – @Fitba_Stadiums

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Welsh Football, here we come

Cymru am byth

We knew that before long we’d have to venture past the borders of Scotland and seek out new Stadiums. So we’ve headed to Wales and are taking a look at Welsh Football. The land of beautiful coastlines, incredible mountains and of course those famous Welsh valleys.

Welsh Football

Now, Welsh football isn’t my strong point, that will become patently obvious, but since I’ve started to investigate Welsh football I’ve discovered at least one thing. The passion of the fans for their club is no less strong in Wales than anywhere else in the world. Tremendously proud. Fiercely loyal to their home grounds. Wrexham fans love their truly enormous floodlights.

Welsh Football makes for great art
Racecourse Ground – Floodlight – Wrexham

Football may be overshadowed by Rugby in Wales but it is by no means a small sport, and since Wales’ incredible run to the Semi-finals of EURO 2016 it has continued to grow.

No better can this be seen than by the return of Cardiff City to the English Premiership. Supporters from England better get used to seeing the facade of the Cardiff City Stadium, and what a cracking facade it is (especially for a newer stadium).

Welsh Football makes for great art
Cardiff City Stadium

Wales and Scotland

Hopefully it’s not unfair of me to say this, but as is the case in Scotland, I think Welsh folk would tend to agree that they like a bit of a drink. Who doesn’t (in moderation)? When it comes to getting a drink before the game you don’t get much closer than the Turf Pub outside the Racecourse Ground.

Welsh Football makes for great art
Racecourse Ground – Turf Pub – Wrexham

I’m not quite sure the rules about it but as we all know some teams compete in the English League set-up, while others are in the Welsh League set-up. Some of the latter even compete in the cross border Scottish Challenge Cup. The inclusion of teams outwith Scotland being one of the SFA’s better ideas of late.

Welsh Football makes for great art
Rodney Parade – Newport

I’ve only just started my adventure into Wales but I hope you’ll help out with retweet, Likes and Shares to help me reach Welsh football fans. I’ve had a great start so far and spoken to a few really helpful people. Long may it continue.

And, Thank you, Wales.

You can find out more about Wales by visiting the Welsh Wikipedia Page or more about Welsh Football by visiting the National Teams official website…

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Football t-shirts should be for everybody

The Beautiful Game – Pele

And Pele wasn’t wrong, but we want to extend his message and create beautiful football t-shirts.

Although, seeing it as the beautiful game when getting battered by the North Sea while watching Arbroath at Gayfield Park can be pretty difficult. Or when you’re a Brechin City supporter and you have to endure an entire season (2017-18) without witnessing a league victory, the game looks anything but beautful.

But the beauty in our game goes beyond what the players on the pitch do once they cross that white line.

‘The beautiful football t-shirt’

Netherdale, Galashiels

The stadiums in which the games are played are beautiful, incredible venues. They don’t have to be big to be grand in stature. The don’t have to hold thousands of fans to create atmosphere. They just have to be somewhere that you wan’t to go every second weekend and see your team play. Your home away from home.

La Bombonera, Buenos Aires

Some of those stadiums even bring out a smile in away fans. Places they hate to admit they actually enjoy visiting. Structures that are just out of this world. Venues like La Bombonera in Buenos Aires that just seem to grow out from within the surrounding houses and residences.

Cliftonhill, Coatbridge

Walkways and stairs that just scream they are who they are. The club is in the flaking paint. The faded signs that only hardcore fans will remember what they once said. Grounds that if transported there by magic you’d instantly be able to take a guess as to where you were.

Palmerston Park, Dumfries

And finally, some stadiums just make for really, really cool football t-shirts that anyone can enjoy.

Please check out our Shop (the football t-shirt section can be found here) and if you have enjoyed this please do give us a follow on Twitter at @Fitba_stadiums 

Cardiff City Stadium, Cardiff
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Scottish Floodlights – Let battle commence

Scottish Floodlights – Among the best in the world

At Scottish Football Stadium Prints we love Scottish floodlights.  All of us have to at least be thankful for them otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see our team play during the long Scottish winters. The LONG Scottish winters.

And in Scotland we are blessed with some absolutely incredible floodlights.

Rugby Park’s East Stand has some belters above it. Greenock Morton’s Cappielow is another fine example of snarling beast-like floodlights.

But we have two favourites.  First up has to be the floodlights in Palmerston Park. Home to what i’m lead to believe are the highest free standing floodlights in Scotland, and Queen of the South FC.

Palmerston Park, Queen of the South
Palmerston Park, Queen of the South

And secondly it’s off to Tannadice Park, home to Dundee United, and this brute that sits in the corner above the Jerry Kerr stand. A Monster of a construction.

Tannadice, Dundee. Floodlights
Tannadice, Dundee. Floodlights

Anyway, those are two of our favourites. If you disagree, and who are we kidding, you are football fans so you are bound to disagree (I expect at least 42 disagreements), please let us know in the comments. Or message us on Twitter.

p.s. I’d add a poll to this post but I haven’t got a clue how to!

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Brutalism and Basalt

The title of this post isn’t mine. The photo within this post isn’t mine.

So without further ado I would like to thank @ruralkeith for tweeting out this picture of his two recently purchased Mugs.

Netherdale, home to Gala Fairydean Rovers, and Easter Road, home to Hibernian.

Netherdale and Easter Road Mugs

It looks like it was an absolutely smashing day down Keith’s neck of the woods.

Thanks, Keith, for letting us use your picture. It’s much appreciated.

You can head over to the Hibs store to find more…

or you can head over to the Gala Fairydean Rovers store to find more…

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Home Sweet Home – Meadowbank

There’s no place like home

They may currently play at Ainslie Park but it ain’t their home. Meadowbank Stadium is Home.

It’s been called home to quite a lot of other organisations and events along the way. Two Commonwealth Games (1970 & 1986), Meadowbank Thistle until 1995, Rugby games, Concerts (I saw Radiohead there a while back), and of course Edinburgh City.

Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh
Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh
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From the Hedge to the Band Stand – The Football Pink

The guys over at The Football Pink have today published an article written by @TheMarkGordon about us, Scottish Football Stadium Prints.

I had a very nice chat with the thoroughly lovely Mark last week regarding Scottish Football Stadium Prints. Among other things we discussed my process, my motivations, and Football Fans love of their home ground pies.

You can read the article by clicking this link. I hope you enjoy it.

And if you don’t already, I would highly recommend following @TheMarkGordon and of course @TheFootballPink

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The HOME Ground Collection

Finding and celebrating the things that make Scottish Home Grounds Special

The mission of Scottish Football Stadium Prints is to find out directly from the fans what they think makes their home ground special. Hedges, Ship building cranes and the Highest floodlights in Scotland.

We take those thoughts and ideas and put them into a series of prints covering all 42 senior football clubs in Scotland. As much research and effort goes into producing out Berwick Rangers’ Print as into our vision for Celtic.

Home pulls together all our efforts and catalogues them into one book.

Home, the Book
Home, the Book
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The Rock (No, not that one)

not the Nicholas Cage movie Either.

The Rock (or The YOUR Radio 103FM Stadium for sponsorship purposes) may not be the largest of Stadiums but goodness me is it in a pretty special location. With the Dumbarton Rock towering above it and the the River Leven, feeding into the world famous River Clyde, within a stones throw away makes for pretty epic surroundings.

Strategy and content provider for Tifo Football@AFHStewart, sent us in this picture of his recently purchased Dumbarton t-shirt.

Dumbarton t-shirt

Anyway, thanks Alex for sending in your picture.

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Paris, Milan, New York and Greenock

All eyes are on greenock this fashion week

And it’s been decided. The must have look this season is the Cappielow t-shirt.

The fashion world has united behind this ‘stunning’ and ‘effortlessly trendy’ Greenock Morton t-shirt. The praise has been unequivocal. Anyone who is anyone simply must get their hands on this Cappielow t-shirt.

And the model ain’t too shabby either. Buy your Cappielow t-shirt today…

Cappielow t-shirt modeled by yours truly
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Recreation Park, Alloa – Fitba Nomad

Our prints in the wild

The most recent picture sent in to us is of Recreation Park (Indodrill Stadium), Alloa.

A 70x100cm Print.

Sent in by Ground-Hopper and Blogger, The Fitba Nomad. Check out his Twitter account. And please do check out his Ground-Hopping blog.

A 70cm x 100cm Recreation Park framed print.
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Brechin Mug

You are never a mug for supporting Brechin

It’s been a tough season for Brechin Fans but it’s never a mugs game. We knew it’d be hard going. We are part time playing in a predominantly full time league. And the long term sustainability of the club has to come before staying in the Championship (that’s my tuppence worth anyway).

It’s been great so far visiting some new grounds. Even if the results haven’t gone our way.

Finally, Mugs are available and they looks pretty darn good. If I do say so myself.

Thanks to the happy customer for sending me this picture of their newly delivered mug.

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7 years ago today

Mayhem in the Coo Shed

It’s been 7 years (was it really that long ago!?) since I experienced the greatest feeling I’ve ever had at the Glebe. Equalising, with just 12 minutes to play, against St Johnstone in the quarter final of the Scottish Cup.

I was stood down behind the goal where Rory McAllister prodded home the goal that would take us to a replay. And the place went MENTAL! Never felt anything like that at the Glebe before or since.

Being at Recreation Park, Alloa, to watch us win promotions was pretty special, and really hits the spot, but for pure emotion nothing will beat that goal.

And what a night out afterward!  Steamboats!

The Glebe, Brechin
The Glebe, Brechin
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Brockville, Falkirk. Legends Series

I’m currently working my way through the 42 senior Scottish team stadiums. As of today I still have 14 left to complete. But once hose are done I’m moving onto the:

Legends Series

A collection of designs that looks back on the stadiums of the past. Brockville, Broomfield, Muirton Park, and many, many more.

So for the time being please enjoy this Brockville print.

Brockville, Falkirk
Brockville, Falkirk

You can head on over to the Falkirk page to see even more.

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The bigger the better – Tannadice Park

This print is now available in a size that is nearly as big as the Floodlight above the Jerry Kerr Stand.  It’s massive.

And your Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, whoever, would definitely love it if you bought it and put it up in the livingroom. Probably best to do it while they are out and surprise them when they return.

Look at it. It’s spectacular.

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A Happy Gable Endie

Montrose fan @cd_smith15 sent us this picture of his Links Park print. He actually bought two. One for his wall and another that he hopes to get signed by the Montrose players to then be auctioned off for Charity.

All the best with that and hopefully you raise a good deal of money for your chosen charity.

Links park photo

You can buy you Links Park print from right here…

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Rugby Park, Kilmarnock

Rugby Park, Kilmarnock

Home to the world famous Killie pie, Kilmarnock F.C and the amazing walk up Rugby Road to get there

Buy your Rugby Park print today…

Rugby Park, Kilmarnock
Rugby Park, Kilmarnock

Head over to the Kilmarnock page to see more.

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McDiarmid Park, Perth

McDiarmid Park. Home to St. Johnstone.

Floodlights and the North Stand nestled in the trees.

Buy your McDiarmid Park print today…

McDiarmid Park, Perth
McDiarmid Park, Perth

Head over to the St. Johnstone page to see more.